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Tuesday, October 25, 2011





Yes, but did you realize that this makes less for you and secundogeniture?

Apple butter, pumpkin butter, pear butter --- it's ALL good and one of the best things about fall.

Have you ever tried apple butter on an apple? YUMMY!

kathy b

Apple butter homemade? WHat don't you do my friend.??? amazing. So glad both the boys enjoy it now!! I can imagine it on sourdough toast...


Apple Butter is the best! It does take forever, but oh my, the pay off is worth it. Enjoy!


Yum!!! We just discovered honey crisp apples!!


what a perfect fall thing to do...i really need to get some cider to make it really feel like fall....maybe some apple butter too. Apple butter doesnt go over well enough in the family to attempt to make my own....but am tempted to try making some apple sauce! Now that hubby has taken over all the cooking - and we are carb counting due to his pre-diabetic diagnosis - I am really missing fall (and mourning winter) baking! Moderation...moderation...

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