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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Pat O'Brien

I have always wanted to try knitting socks but for some reason I find them very intimidating. The first thing my mother learned to knit when she was 8 yrs. old was socks. Her aunt taught her that socks incorporate almost everything there is to know about knitting. If you can knit socks, you can knit anything. I think it is time I take the plunge. I have always heard that Charlene's books were the best. Your blog has confirmed this for me. Thanks for the detailed review!


I just finished my first pair of socks and I am enthralled! I would love a chance to win this book. Thanks!


I am working on socks and I would like to make some of those heels in my socks they look interesting.


Hey, I love to knit, socks socks are fun and this book looks really good, so count me in....

Jane in London

Yay socks!

Donna VG

My husband actually surprised me with Charlene's book when I told him I needed a good sock book. What a guy!
I use it a lot and even got it spiral bound at the print shop where I worked. So convenient.
Please include me in the drawing. And, thanks, Jennifer for the blog, always enjoy reading about your activities.


This looks like a "must-have" book! I recently found two almost complete pairs of socks in my knitting basket ~ I can't believe I left them when they were almost done, but I'll be happy to have 2 new pair soon.


Looks like a great book for sock knitters. Please count me in!


I am just starting to knit sock and I would love a chance to win this book.


Enjoying your blog, and I would enjoy the book if I was the lucky winner!!


Love the yarn the socks on the cover of their book is made from; maybe I'll be the lucky winner and take up sock knitting!!

Keep bloggin' Jennifer.



Wow! How lucky are you to have been to a class by Charlene Schurch! Thanks for letting us know about the book - it looks fantastic!

Kathy Seltenhofer

My favorite thing to knit took me some time to learn but once I did I keep on with at least two pairs on the needles all the time. Sure gets me through some stressful times.

Mary in Carol Stream

Wow! I have Charlene's first two books and used them often, even though I don't produce as many socks as I start. I'd love an opportunity to look at her new book!!

Kay in North Carolina

Oh, the book looks great. Thanks for doing the raffle. If I don't win, I might just have to buy one!


I almost always knit plain stockinette socks because that way I don't have to think about them; I carry them everywhere in my purse and pull them out whenever I have a few minutes. I really would love this book, I'm sure I would learn a ton.

Carolyn in NC

If you random number generator is Wilma picking a number off the floor like she has in the past, please take a picture...........that just cracks me up.

However you choose, I'd love a sALL IN THE SAME PATTERN. Time to try new things!

Carolyn in NC

Vicki Johnson

Thanks for a chance to receive this book! Cheers!


The book sounds absolutely fantastic, and it may just be the motivation I need to really get into sock knitting.


I recently completed my 4th pair of socks (1st toe up). I'm a biomedical engineer, so I think a sock knitting book written by an engineer would be perfect! (sjn821 on Rav)


I love to knit plain stockinette socks. I always have several going. Thanks for the chance to win.


I love knitting socks. That book looks great!


Four years ago (really? that long?) you showed a photo of a sock featuring Charlene's Cuban Heel, and that is when I truly fell into sock lust. I actually pulled up the picture at work and showed people. It did not drive them into a frenzy like it did for me, and they thought I was odd for lusting over the heel of a sock. I have yet to buy one of Charlene's books, and I am truly not sure why. Maybe it's my own form of tantric knitting?

Susie B

I, too, love making socks. It would be great to have this wonderful book. Tell Wilma to pick me, pick me, pick me!

Wool Winder

That looks like a great book! Sensational Socks has been very helpful to me when I need a stitch pattern to "dress up" the leg of a simple sock.


That book looks fantastic!


Count me in on this book! I took a class from her at Maryland Sheep and Wool several years ago. And I thought I knew about knitting socks, too......


I would love to win one of her books. I, too, am one of her fans!


Charlotte's books are wonderful. I thought I'd never knit socks until I took the famous "Silver's Sock Class" tutorial and now it's all I ever want to knit! This latest book looks wonderful, thanks for letting us know about it.


Holy Kamoly! You really KNOW her!! Be still my heart and mind: stop being jealous! You are one fortunate woman, you know that?!? (Can you tell I'm a "Charlene fan" too? LOL)

As far as the book is concerned, you can always pick me...I definitely wouldn't turn down such a priceless treasure as a book by one of the great, all-time sock designers. In other words, PICK ME! (Note that I'm not bashful.)

Raelene Dawson

Never thought I would ever knit socks - now I always have one on the go for travelling and waiting. Great to learn new techniques!! Love the photos of the sock book. What a great way to illustrate clearly what you are trying to teach.

Jane J,

I love her books!



I'm also a huge fan of Charlene's. Her "Sensational Socks" books were must-haves when I started knitting socks. I think this new book is destined to be in my library too.

Beth in Ohio

Yep, please count me in too!
Thanks for a chance to win another great book for my knitting library.


Oh, my goodness! What sock experiences you have had. I, too, would have guessed you would learn little from a general sock course.

Thanks for a chance to win the book. As Donkey says in the Shreck movies, "Pick me! Pick me!"


You know I am!

I have Charlene's first two books and don't make a sock without them. I am always recommending her books to others too, as they are so well laid out with great instructions and photos.

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