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Monday, August 13, 2012



Wow! Pretty impressive. I'm glad your commanding officer encouraged you to have the ceremony. You deserve it. What a wonderful accomplishment. Thank you for your service! :)


Congratulations! You do deserve the honor, I'm glad you did the ceremony.
Boy are your boys TALL!

Wool Winder

Congratulations on your retirement and thanks so much for your service!


After all those years, I am sure that was a very very poignant day for you....but what a lovely way to obtain the closure - you will always be glad you did it this way! Semper fi!


Congrats, and many thanks to you and your "support team" for the years of sacrifice and service.

Barbara Seiver

Hearty congratulations on a successful career, and a great exit line!


I'm glad you decided to go ahead with the ceremony. Your commitment to the Marines deserves celebration.

Wishing you all the best!



kathy b

Im so happy that you went to the ceremony! The cake looks great. what flavor???

THank you Major for your long and devoted service to our country. You rock!

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