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Monday, August 06, 2012


Jane in London

Freeze the whole sweater, moth balls, and check the whole stash.... Pull the entire lot out and check it. Bin anything that's nibbled.



Freeze it. Then use duplicate stitch to replace the missing stitches - leave long tails and weave them in. That's how'd I'd deal with it. After having a really satisfying tantrum.


Moths?????? Oh, I hope not.

I've heard if you freeze the yarn it kills the moths, larvae and eggs that might be there.

Cambria Washington

I've used the felted join to reconnect eaten sections and keep trucking along. It's irritating, but it works.

Wool Winder

I hope you are right and the sweater can be saved. It would be a shame to lose all that work.


Could it have been rubbed against something that broke those stitches? Abrasion sometimes looks like eating.

Carolyn in NC

moths would be my guess, too

go check your yarn nook very carefully and put stuff in your freezer if you're not sure

good luck finding the culprit

kathy b

My third attempt at a comment....im tired I guess

Moths !!! Argh! My cats must eat any moth that dare cross our doorstep!! Does WIlma need a cat ...maybe one named FRed?


Eaten by moths? Hope not! Or was it a hungry Wilma?

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