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Tuesday, December 04, 2012



There's no better theme for a Christmas tree than "Family Memory Tree". It takes us forever to decorate the tree because there are so many stories to tell -- I love it!

Carolyn in NC

Since I come from a long line of crafters and sewers we have always had a tree with a variety of handmade ornaments. From the little glittery popsicle sticks the kids did to the ones my grandmother spent hours cross-stitching to the handknit and handquilted ones I have done. It's also a touch of the generations of family history in our place. Some how though my mom and sister have "pretty" store bought glitzy stuff that all matches, but not me!

kathy b

Ha ha we have an ECLECTIC tree too. Lots of memory ornaments and a few very fragile ones too. WE have NEVER used tinsel as the pets could get sick. I miss tinsel!
I love looking at all the trees inside and out this time of year.


Your tree is beautiful! I love the santas too. Our tree is much like yours. Nothing really matches but it is full of memories from whatever was special that year. My favorites are the ornaments the kids made when they were little.

Secundogeniture at college? I thought he was still in HS!


I love those Santas. I think I may even have one or two of those in my stash.

Our tree is like yours -- eclectic. Most of the ornaments are either made by me, one is made by DS, and the others are either a "memory" of something that took place, or gifts from friends. There are 4 balls that remind me of my grandmom's old style ornaments from the 1950's and 60's. We have a Moravian star on the top as a nod to our hometown in Pennsylvania.

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