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Friday, January 04, 2013



I'd second the dryer sheet suggestion. I've used that several times for different pesky smells and it really works.

Carolyn in NC

There is also a product available at REI called Mirazyme (also available on the web) that supposed to get rid of ALL odors including skunk. Read the directions on the bottle.

We used this on a mildewed, moldy tent and it seemed to work.


I would drape the item around a shallow bowl of vinegar and set the balls of yarn atop glasses filled halfway with vinegar. It might take a few days and you may need to rearrange the item but that should absorb the smell. Toss the vinegar when you're finished.

Another idea would be to wrap it up with several dryer sheets in it. I've not tried this but have done the vinegar.

kathy b

YOur blanket is amazing!!!I Love it.

I had a smoker work on FINISHING my project once. ugh..it smelled terrible.
I frogged it, we washed it twice and dried it out. BUT it stuck to itself in the skein I wound....what a mess. THere's how not to do it.....


I have had 'some' luck getting smells out of yarn by putting the whole thing in a plastic storage box with a dish of baking soda and crumpled newspaper. Close up the lid and let it sit. The baking soda and newspaper will absorb the smell.

Maybe you could wash one skein of the project yarn and see if any of the smell comes out? I use BacOut to get rid of (organic based) smells in cotton, might be worth a try.


The afghan is lovely!
For the smoke smell, I wonder if putting the project in a big bag with an open box of baking soda (carefully so it doesn't spill) would absorb enough of the bad smell to let your friend finish the project and then give it a good wash with a Fabreze containing laundry soap.
I had some sock yarn that I got in a stash swap that had a funky Bandaid smell. I knit the socks and after a couple of washes the smell was finally gone.


I just read on ravelry the other day and now can't find it, but to block acrylic you just wash and dry it in the dryer the heat makes it "set" I did try it and it works!!! As for the smoke yarn place it in a plastic bag with newspaper and the smell will disappear you may have to change the paper a few times but you may have to do this for a few days if its really bad.

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