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Thursday, January 03, 2013



I totally had a fiber clean up mode. I frogged any projects I didn't totally love. I entered all my stash on Ravelry (ugh, why didn't I do it sooner) and I listed a ton of yarn for sale (and sold a good chunk already). 2013 will be the year of no new crafty purchases.

I've already completed 3 projects and nearly a fourth since the Great Clean Up of 2012! :)


I didn't clean up my fiber. It was pretty organized already, but I did go through all my patterns and gave away the ones I'll never do. Then I organized the rest into some sort of queue.

Of course, that's subject to change, but I think I have my projects planned for at least a little while.


I only have three WIP knitting and we aren't going to talk about my UFO quilts. My january goal is slog through the pile of mending--buttons, hems, torn knees, etc. Each project will take less than 10 minutes, but I just have to get started!

kathy b

Wel I am in a BLANKET mode!!!
I've decided my next cast on/purchase yarn will be for a log cabin and IM really going to make one this time

any tips?

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