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Sunday, January 06, 2013



Oh crap ... I'm Violet! That can't be good.

Enjoy the show AND the knitting.

kathy b

WEll I love the yarn and your plan. I m not a D.A. Viewer. Mostly because i have worked sunday nights for the last few years....
I know so many who LOVE the show. ENJOY.
Will there be crumpets too?


ooooh I think I have something that would fit the bill!! I might be in for this one!!Thanks!!


I am Robert Crawley


I want that yarn. Damn the stash diet.

I turned out to be Violet, Dowager Countess of Granthem. I can't wait for the new season.


For your tea party let me recommend the new Bigelow green tea with pomegranate. It’s fabulous and no caffeine!! Even the scent is great!!


I'm so behind already. I haven't wound my yarn, and I certainly haven't knit a swatch, plus I have a cold. :-(
That's alright, while everyone goes to the movies today, perhaps I'll stay home, drink some tea, and get prepped.
And of course it figures that you're the Earl while I'm the loyal maid. Guess that's my karma in life.
Here's to knitting with you!

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