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Tuesday, January 08, 2013



Sounds like me and my Rambling Rows. Do we need to make an Afghan Thread yet on Finish or Frog It??? :D

Carolyn in NC

socks, dishcloths and baby blankets usually in patterns that I have already tackled before, but I'm thinking I haven't done a scarf in so mnay years that I may have to go back and do another

kathy b

You know what JEnnifer? I am loving having this log cabin blanket to go to..
I realized I was tired of tiny projects and switching all the time.
Im ready for routine! in more ways than one!


My favorite knitting is a bit smaller. I like to have a charity hat on the needles. I don't have to worry about it fitting a particular person, so it's easy.

Cambria Washington

Hexipuffs. I'm hoping to actually finish that blanket before I die, lol.


LOL Socks. Did you really need to ask me?

Yep ... when I pick up my knitting, it's almost ALWAYS socks.

Love the pretty green of the yarn you are using.

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