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Tuesday, May 07, 2013



I have some Qiviut I got in Alaska years ago, too. Just don't know what to make with it.

kathy b

I think so..yes. I have this part silk yarn that needs to be a delicate shawl.. but Im not a delicate shawl KNitter. :)

I LOVE your colorway. SOcks rock no matter what the yarn.....
I save the bestest yarns for me usually

or for a really good friend.

cynthia (knitting central)

sometimes a yarn as beautiful as this should be in stockinette. it allows the beauty of the yarn itself to be the focal point, without anything else drawing your attention away from it. let us know what you end up doing with it. miss you xoxo


I love pretty yarn. Sometimes the best pattern for special yarn is the one that let the yarn speak for itself. I had some wonderful yarn that I tried to manipulate to show off the yarn. In the end the stockinette stitch was the best choice. I look forward to seeing how you transform your yarn!


I have a skein of qiviut which a dear friend gave me a few years ago. I love the color, love the gift and have yet to knit it up. I have a pattern which would be perfect but there is something difficult about knitting up such a dear skein.

Trudy Kluge

I have decided this is the year that I take out the yarns and patterns I love but never knit and work on them. Right now I am making a sweater for myself out of Koigu. It was a kit from Candace Eisner-Strick. I love it just as much on the needles as I have gazing at it in the bag all these years. If you keep the socks simple it will let the yarn shine. Enjoy your adventure and, remember, you deserve those beautiful socks!

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