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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


kathy b

Wonderful blanket Jennifer.
MY solution to the never ending baby population while working with young women of childbearing age! : hats.
I buy the cutest yarn I can find and make hats. They are quick, appreciated and easy.
I go for really UNbaby yarns.


Not everyone is knitworthy, plus it takes a long time to knit a baby blanket (a little sweater can go faster). Kids grow quickly too! A baby quilt can be put together in a short time. Some close friends who don't even have grandkids on the horizon have still put in their requests!


Remember slow and steady wins the race!! Sorry, my mom is showing! I think your blanket is really pretty. As far as what I do for babies, I will include a handmade flannel receiving blanket that is big enough for a decent sized baby. Mine were 9lbs+ each so those little things didn't last long. I get some really cute flannel, cut it into yard pieces and finish off the ends with some contrasting zigzag stitching. Then I'll add some things they can USE. Diapers, cute onesies, an outfit that is a 2T. If it's family they will get some baby socks. Sometimes a sweater if I have time. I will knit for those really special to me. Otherwise I see it not making much of a difference.


I knit for babies but not as gifts - my knits are donated to hospitals and charities.

I love the blanket.

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