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Friday, September 12, 2014



I'm impressed by your research. Let me know when the pattern for the rent collecting shawl is available. Also how is it fastened.


Cool beans. Will you be writing this up?

Rhonda Culbert

I would love to get your pattern. Do you need a test knitter?


You have a lot of patience. The prototype turned out great.


Thanks for doing this. I spent 4 hours yesterday trying to tweak a pattern to get the ribbed edge. That's the one thing that totally stumped me. good on ya! Tulach Ard!


I like the center stitch on yours. Do you think that's how Claire's is? I know on another shawl I've made the center stitch is sandwiched by KFB stitches, and it creates a very nice look down the back. I did love the colors in this shawl - looking forward to knitting it!!


I like it! Major Knitter--puzzle solver!


So glad you are working toward a close interpretation. I agree the the stitch direction is crucial. Looking forward to trying your pattern!

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