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Tuesday, October 21, 2014



ACK! Was wondering when you posted those cuties earlier if one was coming home with you. He's adorable! Can't wait to see what his name is. :)

Jane in London

Aw! He's so Cute!

kathy b

okay that's not fair. You can't expect me to ignore puppy breath and puppy belly.
We took several days to name Radar our deaf cat...


Congratulations on your new family addition! He looks like a sweetie

Rose Jordan

From this particular photo, it looks like Wilma is not too happy!

Butch Cassidy

I think Butch Is a fitting name for the dog.

Linda M

I suspected this outcome when you first mentioned the puppies! Enjoy!

Susie B

Congratulations on Puppy. Just don't call him Puppy or Little Dog like my neighbor did once. How's Wilma taking to a new puppy in the house taking her snuggle time?


Name him Fred or Barney.......


How about Fred? As in Wilma and Fred Flintstone? Fred is a good dog name...have known several. Or a good English name works...Oliver? Percival? Something from Outlander perhaps?


How many cats have I tried to name "Buddy Boy" to have my son and husband veto it down. I vote for "Buddy Boy"! :)

Barbara Seiver

Welcome, little fellow!

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