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Friday, January 22, 2016


kathy b

Beautiful work. Love the color. IM repurposing our coffee grounds every day in the yard.


Great work! And you know you can frog directly onto your swift, right? That way the skeins are the right size. Just hold the project in one hand (or put it on the floor and step on just the edge to hold it), and crank the swift.

Cheryl    ravelry cherylVirginiad

Thought I would add a little to repurposing and Major did every bit of the process correctly. This should always be done with yarn; that has been sitting in stash for years, too. The soak is also a time to add white vinegar if yarn bleeds to set the dye. How much vinegar just a little per soak until the water is clear or up to one eight of a cup per basin. Repeat if needed. Finish with a sudsy soak to remove vinegar oder.

Tracy Batchelder

Sometimes you have to let a project sit long enough in order to forget the effort and time you put into it before you frog it...just to be sure you're doing the right thing.

I may have to join your group to motivate myself to take care of a few unfinished projects.

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