The Gates Project Scarf

The Gates Project Scarf

Central Park - New York, NY


1 skein Red Heart - 242 Pumpkin (or any bright orange yarn)
Size 7 straight needles
Size 7 double pointed needles
2 small stitch holders


I-Cord - see this photographic step-by-step tutorial on how to make an I-cord. I only used 2 stitches for each I-cord.

Swatches - K2 P2 ribbing 20 stitches by 12 rows


Separate about 20 yards of the orange yarn and roll it into a ball. You will use this for the right side I-cord and will carry the yarn along each row to eliminate unecessary weaving of ends.


Using size 7 straight needles, cast on 20 stitches

*K2, P2 - repeat from * 4 more times
Repeat this pattern for 12 rows.
K2, place these 2 stitches on a stitch holder (they will be the right side I-cord); bind off the next 16 stitches. Place the final 2 stitches on the dpns and knit an I-cord for 14 rows.
Place the finished I-cord's 2 stitches on a stitch holder.
Go back to the other 2 unworked stitches on the stitch holder. Place those 2 unworked stitches on the dpns. Knit an I-cord for 14 rows. Place the 2 stitches back on a stitch holder.

Return to the first I-cord. This should be the one attached the main skein of yarn. Place those 2 stitches on the straight needles with the yarn on the right hand side of the work. You will then Cast On an additional 16 stitches using the "Knitting On" casts on method

Note - For an incredible video "How To" check out this link and then click on the first picture to see the video instructions for the Knitting Cast On Method -

Pick up the final 2 stitches from the second I-cord stitch holder.

You should now have 20 stitches back on the needle.

REMEMBER - every time you finish a row on the wrong side, remember to carry the yarn from the right side I-cord along each edge.

Repeat the GATES swatch and double I-cords until you have 10 swatches in your scarf. Bind off the final stitches. Weave in the loose ends.